Uncomfortable Conversations: Episode 3 - Web Review

In this third episode of her series, Annie Floor speaks with Dr. Brian Fernandes, an African American dentist and former classmate of Dr. Floor. Annie addresses the fact that white responses to the killing of black men by police officers is often met with criticisms of the character and actions of the victim, rather than the officer. Annie overcomes this barrier by asking the question: "How are black men who are upstanding citizens with no criminal record treated?

Dr. Floor could not have chosen to speak with a better subject than Dr. Fernandes. He sheds light on what it is like to be a black academic and professional, and the barriers that stood in his way. One of the most enlightening moments is when Brian shares an experience with an undergraduate guidance counselor that tried and convince him to pursue a less demanding career. He makes the audience aware that such barriers persuaded friends and classmates of his in another direction.

This is my favorite episode of the three so far. The connection between Annie and Brian is so real and heartfelt that I was brought to tears several times. Annie's ability to choose outstanding people and her ability to communicate her personal feelings is a gift that shines brightly in this series. Do yourself a favor and watch this episode.

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