The Gullible Democrats Continue to Believe in Bipartisanism: You might be a libtard if...

Watch out - Mitch is gonna get em’ again! If you are one of the people in this country holding out hope that there was one shred of dignity in the Republican party, then you are a Democrat. How do I know? Only Democrats would believe that Mitch McConnell could turn over a new leaf.

That is why Republicans so gingerly call us “libtards.” Libtard – not yet a term of endearment – came into the English lexicon for the exact purpose of referring to how the Democratic party is acting right now.

Republicans are not so naïve. They know what they are, and that is why they have continued to win political games, even as they are sorely outnumbered in the American electorate. Time after time, Democratic leaders continue to bend over to pet the snake in the grass. Time after time, they get bit.’

Before Joe Biden’s inauguration, Mitch McConnell made it public that he was furious with Donald Trump. Supposedly, he said that he had not decided how he would vote in an impeachment trial. We believed him!

Then, he immediately said that there was not enough time before the inauguration – it was too soon. He has now come back and said that it is too late and sided with 45 other Republican senators to throw out the 2ndTrump impeachment trial based on a standing issue. If you are surprised, then you might be a libtard.

If Democrats want a chance to push through any legislation in the next two years, then they better go on the aggressive. The Republican party has no intention of breaking from Trump or from their last decade of obstructionism. There is no chance of bipartisanism, and our leaders better learn it now before they are bitten again, and again, and again.

Think what you want of George W. Bush, but he spoke truth when he said,

There's an old saying in Tennessee - I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once……….shame on………shame on you. Fool me………………….................................... ……………… you can't get fooled again.

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