TOP 10 Gratitude List, Thanksgiving 2020: With Pictures

(10) The Outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election. Sorry! I had to do it. When the pendulum swings too far right or left in America, our system seems to correct itself. God bless America.

(9) Fantasy Football. This has become as much of a hobby as it is a game. I am guilty of playing in four leagues. I do well in some leagues, and bomb in others. I am killing it in my BLVD league, so I will brag a little and share my current week-12 lineup with you. It is a super-flex league with no defense or kicker, so the points are a little higher than your average league. However, this team is pretty freaking impressive. I am point leader, but if you know the game, nothing is set in stone until the fat lady sings. Anything can happen.

(8) Books. I love to read. This year, I read everything from classics like "The Winter of Our Discontent," by John Steinbeck, modern classics like "A Prayer for Owen Meany," by John Irving, horror like "The Institute," by Stephen King, Pulitzer winners like "The Road," by Cormac McCarthy, non-fiction like "How to be an Anti-Racist," by Ibram Kendi, and finally one that I am currently reading "Hieroglyphics," by my aunt, Jill McCorkle. And, there were others. Ibram Kendi has moved me the most so far in 2020, and I highly recommend reading "How to be an Anti-Racist." I am always happy to get a good book for Christmas, hint, hint...

(7) Music. From my own songwriting and playing guitar, to newly released music, to the old songs that have always held a place in my heart, music takes me into a different universe where I am free from the worries of everyday life.

(6) This Blog. After the Covid-19 shutdown, I was left with a lot of time on my hands. This was one amazing positive to come from a perceived negative. I have found something that I love to do. It is something that I will continue to do, with or without pay. However, it is a goal to find a way to make money doing something that I love. I hope you will join me on this journey!

(5) Food. I am blessed to have married a chef. Even better, she cooks authentic Mexican food. Need I say more?

(4) My spirituality. Over the years I have opened my heart and my mind to many things. I draw my beliefs from many traditions, including Christianity, but one thing that really rings true to me is "The Power of Now," by Eckhart Tolle. If you have not read it, I highly suggest it. It always travels with me. We also have a Spanish copy in our home.

(3) Amy the Shih Tzu. What is life without man's best friend? Amy was my wife's dog when we met. Now, she is family. She is playful, but she has an attitude. She is the only one in our household who recognizes me as the alpha lol! One of the cutest things that she does is cower, squat and pee from sheer excitement when I come home from work. Then she rolls over submissively on her back. She is our second baby.

(2) Friends and Family. Mom and Dad, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and close friends. When we had Ariana this year we were truly blessed to be showered with love and gifts from close friends and my entire family. I also have the best in-laws that anyone could ask for. They have treated me like blood from day one. My sister Annie also gets a special shout out. She is my psychologist, my dentist, and my best friend.

(1) My wife and daughter. These two get a special mention within the family. 3 years ago, my life was still a mess, until I met my wife, and everything began to change. She gave me hope when I had none. We were married one year later, and God blessed us with Ariana this year. I cannot ask for anything more. The two highlights of my life are when I see my wife light up when she is with my daughter, and when Ariana is tired enough to let her father hold her for an extended period of time. I am blessed beyond anything I could have ever wished for.

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