Ted "Royal Caribbean" Cruz Flies South For Winter Cold Snap

Ted “Royal Caribbean” Cruz flew south to Cancun, Mexico for the Winter cold snap that has killed 21 and left millions in Texas without power. Pictures of Cruz in the airport and aboard a flight destined for the Mexican paradise cropped up on Twitter Wednesday when fellow passenger Juan Gomez tweeted photos of the Senator and his family caravan bound to cross our southern border.

What started as a rumor gained traction when politico Keith Edwards retweeted Gomez’s revelation after he noticed that the man in the photos was in fact wearing Cruz’s favorite mask with the embroidered “Come and Take it” rebel moniker that he wears for special occasions. The tweet went viral and it was not long before the story was confirmed by the New York Times. According to the Times, “Senator Ted Cruz left for Cancun with his family as Texas was hit by a storm, sparking a fierce outcry.”

Then, early Thursday afternoon, the Houston Police Department confirmed to ABC News that it supplied Cruz and his family security through George Bush Intercontinental Airport. This use of public resources to assist a personal, non work-related vacation while the city of Houston is suffering a disaster is in stark contrast to Cruz’s campaign ads from 2018 portraying himself as a hero during the Hurricane Harvey disaster for procuring millions in aide from the feds.

But Cruz is obviously not up for reelection any time soon as even a middle school student body president would not make such a bonehead move under these circumstances. Fox News is none-the-less providing plenty of cover blaming the Texas disaster on the Green New Deal when anyone with a brain can clearly see that Texas’s proud, stubborn isolationism, which apparently includes electrical infrastructure, is to blame as their power grid is cut off from the rest of the country.

But none of it is a problem for Ted, at least not in the short term. Cancun is a warm 84 degrees today with clear skies while Houston has barely made it back above freezing. As Cruz works on his tan and tries not to sunburn, some families in Texas have resorted to burning furniture — that which has not been destroyed by water and roof cave-ins — to stay warm. No, the water in Cancun is clear and blue and splashing up on Ted’s toes, not busting through frozen pipes over his head.

To show his state that he truly identifies with their pain, he should at least take a second and dedicate a karaoke song to Texas when he goes to the cabana bar tonight. If he has any class, he will pour a little Margarita in the sand in memory of his dead Texas homies before returning home.

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