Meet The GOP-Q

Axios published a poll last night that shows that Marjorie Taylor Greene — the freshman House Republican that has come under heavy fire for her statements praising the conspiracy theory movement Qanoon — is more popular than even Mitch McConnell amongst Republican voters. It appears the GOP leadership has taken full notice of this trend as 199 House Republicans voted on Thursday to keep Greene on her committee assignments, including the Education Committee, a group dedicated to child safety, even after she stated that the 2018 Parkland school shooting was a hoax, and she harassed student survivors.

This poll and the recent actions of Republican Party leaders are a small parcel of a growing body of evidence that the GOP has been hijacked by the extreme right wing of the party. Throughout the Trump presidency, Republican party leaders were held under scrutiny for their implied complicity in remaining silent when more extreme views were expressed by the President and those closest to him. Silence is no longer the problem. With the party veering hard to the right, Republican leaders are feeling pressure to speak up in defense of extremists, like Marjorie Taylor Greene, in order to remain in the favor of their constituents.

With members like Greene emerging as the new face of the Republican Party, it is obvious that party centrists are now greatly outnumbered. The fractional minority that remains true — to what values they have left — emits little more than a faint whimper of dignity beneath the fat hooves of the feeding pigs, eager to slurp every scrap of slop that falls from the dais throne in Mara Largo, the GOP-Q headquarters.

If, in the near or distant future, the GOP’s fractures break clean — as many talking heads want to believe — the fat body of what remains would belong to the extreme right, with little more than a pinky fingernail clipping of honor remaining for those who want to retain the appearance of order and rationality. That is not good news for Republicans who want their party to break away from Donald Trump.

It is, however, good news for Democrats. If the GOP were to break, they would suffer dearly since they cannot afford to lose any votes to the Democratic majority. However, if the GOP remains intact, the repercussions will be even more dire. The Democrats are now in a position to label the GOP the party of conspiracy and lies, and they are not wrong to do so. The Republicans have made their own bed, and it is not a question of if, but rather when, the GOP will have to lie down in their sty and wallow, while the token of time is on the side of the Democrats.

Joe Biden and the new congress have not been in office a month and the Republican party is establishing itself this way out of the gate. It seemed for a moment that there was a chance that some in leadership, Mitch McConnell for example, could help right the course and return the Republican party to something that resembles a group of sane statesmen.

I, perhaps out of one last desperate gasp of hope, wanted to believe that Mitch McConnell could pull it off — that he would stand up for truth and bring a portion of his party along with him — but that only goes to show how naive this writer can be. No amount of hope can save the GOP. They have to save themselves, and every day it becomes increasingly more unlikely. With their base supporting leaders like Greene, therefore showing where they stand on the crazy conspiracy theories that she agrees with, GOP leaders would have to take action.

Thursday gave them that opportunity and they consciously decided not to take it. With a vote to strip Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments, the party could have at least stood against Qanoon. Instead, they loudly proclaimed themselves, “the GOP-Q.”

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