Is 2021 a New Beginning? A Meditation

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

At the end of a journey, or on a stop along the way, there are times to reflect. I think of all the rocks I sat upon - at the top of a mountain, at the terminus of a hiking trail - where 5 minutes or 2 hours disappeared, before I awoke, continued on, or began, again. There were beaches, piers, and docks, each serving as a designated refuge, a place outside of time, to breathe.

Sometimes I spend my time alert, considering the value of the lessons learned from the climb. Other times I allow the silence to consume me, and there is nothing but stillness.

Often, it is my body's need for rest that is the impetus for a break, and my thoughts follow. Then there are those breaks that are planned ahead, with the intention of fitting in a final puzzle piece, planting a flag in the ground, or closing a door.

Many times, it is union of all that I am, and it is unclear where I end and everything else begins - that is my favorite of all. A moment, such as that, is most pronounced after a long run - my heart pulses through my entire body, my lungs fill and empty like balloons, and I am conscious of it all, as if I am observing myself from afar. It is a euphoric place, in the absence of thought.

But a thoughtful meditation is often more rewarding, and I have many. In fact, I have to be careful to monitor and limit my daydreams. My mind naturally seeks answers, and I can spend too much time analyzing and not enough time acting. For some reason, it is important for me to make connections, to bridge distant things, that at first seem inherently opposed, into a web of controlled chaos. It must be a relief, knowing that nothing is left out, that everything has its place.

Today, my window seat is my thinking place. Snow is tapping the glass, the smell of chicken thighs is all around from my wife's cooking, and this year is coming to a close. As I filter through all of the chaos, I find myself with one lingering question. I ask, "Is 2021 a new beginning or a stop along the way?"

Something tells me, it is up to me.

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