Democrats Must Cancel Cuomo

If Democrats want to retain any consistency in their messaging, if they want to be the party of progressive social values, then they must not only denounce New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s alleged actions — for the sexual harassment accusations that have been hurled his way — but they must call for his resignation. Not that they have much of a choice in this regard. Democrats are in a self-righteous jam of their own making concerning sexual assault allegations of any variety, having played their “holier than thou” card one too many times.

Whether Democrats believe the accusations against Cuomo is irrelevant. Politically, they have left themselves no negotiable wiggle room, having previously painted all sexual misconduct allegations with the same broad, black and white strokes of immediate convenience, not considering the future dilemma that would result from leaving no discernible difference between the facts of a case and a guilty conviction. Their zero-tolerance policy towards the accused has backfired on them before — for example, forcing Senator Al Franken to resign — and now the chickens are coming home to roost once again.

Hindsight is 20/20, but I imagine there are many Democratic political strategists out there wondering why in the hell they decided to lump all types of sexual accusations into one bucket and to not consider the facts of individual cases. It is true that Democrats had to take a position quickly when the “Me Too” movement erupted over night, but did they really think that this type of misogynistic behavior was absent in their ranks?

Of course, they did not. But they were none-the-less anxious to convince America that their party was morally superior to that of the Trumpians— something that should have required little to no effort — and to prove it they jumped at the chance to punish Republicans. It fooled no one. Nobody believed that altruism was the driving motivation responsible for committing to this near impossible standard of hanging out to dry anyone with a finger pointed in his direction. Instead, it was obvious that Democrats made this shortsighted, hair-trigger policy based on the direction that the weathervane was blowing atop Bernie Sanders and Ocasio Cortez’s roofs.

In the moment, it seemed like a winning strategy. Remember, the goal was to rid America of the Trump problem at all costs. But it is this type of political maneuvering that drove half of the country to vote for Donald Trump in the first place. It is disingenuous and the stuff that has continued to sow the seeds of distrust across the American electorate for decades. It is obvious to anyone who is not restricted by fear of repercussion that, whether it is popular to say or not, there is a difference between grabbing someone’s genitals and kissing them on the cheek. Neither should be tolerated without consent — Of course! — but pretending that all unacceptable behavior is equal is just plain crazy. Why not just say that?

It is unclear how Democrats could go about changing course at this point, and it is not clear that they should. So, in the meantime, they will continue to go about their duty of sinking the ships of fellow party members even if it means life sentences for the innocent.

For the record, I think that Andrew Cuomo is guilty as charged, but what does it matter what I think? If you want to form an opinion for yourself, be sure to avoid little bro Chris Cuomo’s “Prime Time” on CNN — which vows to always get to the truth — as the elephant in the room tap danced throughout last night’s broadcast without even the slightest nod in his direction.

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