Culture Tramp Web Review: Annie Gane Floor: Uncomfortable Conversations Episode 1

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

In this first episode of her web series, Annie, a white woman, has a conversation with a childhood friend and classmate about her experiences growing up as a black girl in Robeson County, NC. Annie explores her mistaken assumption that she did not consider race a factor in high school, while her worldview during that time refutes that claim. This realization calls attention to one's ability to deny racial biases. The theorized causes of this denial are not directly addressed, but one can infer from the womens' interaction that defense mechanisms and prideful facets of the ego are at play, as well as hegemonic forces of the white racial narrative. Regardless, it is clear that racial biases are often subconscious, or at least suppressed, by our host.

More obvious topics, including the flying of the Confederate flag, are also discussed making this episode accessible to anyone who has an interest in the subject matter. The series opener is also child friendly. In fact, the topic of 'how to talk to your child about race,' is broached.

Annie is an articulate and pleasant host, and her first guest was a great choice. The interaction is organic and flows naturally. The editing is top notch and no time feels wasted. I suggest this series and look forward to the future episodes.

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